MSP Helo Crew Rescues Injured Hiker from Sugarloaf Mountain

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Here's a nice rescue op. The video is just some generic footage.


State Police Helicopter Crew Rescues Injured Hiker from Sugarloaf Mountain

September 28, 2015 -- A Maryland State Police helicopter crew performed a hoist rescue off of Sugarloaf Mountain, Frederick County, Maryland on the afternoon of Monday, September 28, 2015. Shortly before 5:00 p.m., the Maryland State Police Helicopter Dispatch Center (SYSCOM) received a call from the Frederick County 911 Center regarding an injured hiker on Sugarloaf Mountain who fell from a rocky outcrop approximately 75 feet. Preliminary information indicated the individual may have a head injury and was unable to extricate himself from the area. The remote location and steep terrain precluded a timely extrication by ground.

The crew of Trooper 3, based at Frederick Municipal Airport, was dispatched and immediately began preparing for a hoist rescue. Once overhead, an aerial reconnaissance was conducted and the crew determined the best method of extraction was to employ a PEP Bag, a type of rescue device designed to encase a patient on a backboard.

After positioning the aircraft over the victim at an altitude of approximately 200 feet, the rescue device was lowered down to the Fire/EMS crew tending to the victim. The ground crew loaded the victim into the PEP bag and Trooper 3 hoisted the individual into the aircraft. Once inside the aircraft, the crew of Trooper 3 continued to administer advanced life support medical care and transported the male patient, believed to be in his 20’s, a short distance to Meritus Medical Center for further evaluation.

Trooper 3 was assisted at the scene by ground units from Urbana Fire Department, Carol Manor Fire Department, Hyattstown Fire Department, and Frederick County Advance Technical Rescue.

The Maryland State Police Aviation Command operates a fleet of 10, Augusta-Westland AW139, helicopters based out of seven sections throughout the state. This mission is a clear demonstration of the multi-mission capability these aircraft provide to our allied public safety partners and the citizens of Maryland.