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Aspiring rapper robs a retired popo at gunpoint. Mr. Poleese unleashed a full dose of John Lennon's instant karma on the wayward lad. Now mommy bear is butthurt because he dinz du nuffin. Yes, your son was held accountable for his criminal actions.

I hope someone close to this women lets her know how ridiculous she sounds.

The mother of a young man shot dead by a retired Oakland police captain said her son was wrong to rob the man, but questions whether use of deadly force was necessary.

Her 20-year-old son, Desoni Gardner of Vallejo, was identified by authorities as one of three people who tried to rob Ersie Joyner as he pumped gas near downtown Oakland on Oct. 21.

I want to apologize to everyone in the Oakland community who was affected by that situation,” Trepania Williams told the San Francisco Chronicle on Friday of the robbery attempt on Oct. 21. “But death was not the answer.”

I understand my son was wrong but he’s already been held accountable,” Williams said. She said she has watched surveillance camera footage of the shootout numerous times and wants more scrutiny placed on Joyner, “who took the initiative to shoot and kill.”

Gardner is the second son Williams has lost to gun violence in just over a year. Her older son, Demazhe Gardner, was killed in July 2020. The brothers were rap musicians and had recorded several songs and appeared in music videos.

desoni sounds like what you would call bottled water from the dollar store



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Being a rap "artist" is a very dangerous career choice. On the bright side, now we have one less felon on the street to have to worry about. Good riddance.


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Other than momma whining and deflecting blame away from her being a failure as a parent, I don't see the problem here.


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Monello, Monello Monello...

This young man was verbalizing, in a most unique way, the troubles and tribulations of being a young man in horrid conditions in California, a mecca of straight-laced, over zealous police run State. Look, he had nothing but a promising short life. He had to grab all the gusto that really is a far-fetched fantasy! Rapping was his one-way ticket out. That police Captain was retired and symbolized affluence, money probably falling out of his pockets and probably driving a car made in some foreign Country! Where da justice be? He was doin' fine on cloud nine. His Daddy was dealin' in debt and stealing in the name of the Lord. Pappa never do much thinkin', just spenin' his time chasin' women and drinkin'.