My cat just rushed a deer


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Cats are awesome and entertaining, also dumb as all get out.

Yesterday, our cat is our exploring the back yard. There’s a doe with a fawn grazing on the edge of the grass.
The cat sees the doe, and starts running towards her, tail up, very purposeful like. I have no idea what his intention was — and neither did he.

So the cat gets within half a foot of the doe’s front hoofs, doe gets startled, stomps her hoofs and snorts.

The cat realizes that this thing is at least ten times his size, and takes off like a meteor to hide under the shed. I wish I had my phone out to record this.

My biggest question is:
What was the dumb-a$$’s end game? Was he going to take the deer down, bring it home, and feast for days?
Or cats are just dumb, there was no thought and just instinct, “I’m predator you there prey I’m gonna get ya — oh $hit oh $hit it’s giant and I just remembered I’m a small domestic cat and screw this”.


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I’ve heard pets learn from their owners. I don’t have a pet so I don’t know...
Get a dog and teach him to snarl at StM County employees?

Now that you mention it, in my youth I did try to jump on a buck sleeping in the bushes. Alcohol and showing off to the fair sex might have been involved . I didn’t have an end game either, thankfully my lunge was short and the buck took off.


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My 23# Fatass won't tangle with the juvenile groundhogs. Even though they are the same size, he just watches them.


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The difference between Boone and Gracie when it comes to deer (or anything in our backyard).

Boone... Oh I have a new friend.
Gracie... Death to my mortal enemy!!
That makes weird sense — my kitty is a boy, and now that you mention different approach by your kitties, I’m re-evaluating the above incident:
My cat ran towards the doe with his tail and ears up, not sneaking or growling — was he trying to make friends with it? Why?

Also, I just came home and saw the cat running to the porch with a rabbit in his teeth. The furry bandit Saw me run toward him, and took his prey under the shed. There bunny magically came to life and escaped into the brambles, cat was disappointed, still looks at me with accusations.