My Catholic Faith Makes Me a Feminist, Not a Victim of the Patriarchy


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Today’s feminist writers insist the Catholic Church is drowning in sexual abuse accusations because the patriarchal institution enslaves women. They’re wrong; the faith frees women. My Catholic faith doesn’t make me a victim, but a woman confident of her intrinsic worth.


While the documented exploitation spanned decades, it cries for a response now. The demonic stories included boys groomed for abuse and even a girl’s abortion after rape. Catholics and non-Catholics alike can and should express fury and demand answers. But some feminist commentators say they already have the answer: the Church must abandon its teaching.

In Salon and on Twitter, politics writer Amanda Marcotte called for uprooting the Church’s “patriarchal ideology” on Aug. 16. Her terms included welcoming women into the priesthood and striking “prohibitions on premarital sex, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, transgender identities” and “gender ideology.”

Feminist author and columnist Jill Filipovic agreed. She urged the “abuse, and the system that covered it up” was a “direct outcome of the church's patriarchal structure” for CNN on Aug. 29. She wasn’t shocked by abuse in a “noxious institution” where women’s bodies are merely “vessels for male prerogatives.”

well it would not be 'The Church' then