My Little Cowgirl!


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Hey Guys! I just have to gush about this! My little girl rode this past Saturday! She did really well for being on a horse who is FAT with a saddle that doesnt want to stay straight!! :)

She laughed the entire time! For those of you that are friends with me on FB, sorry for the repost! I am just so proud of both of them!


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the new life begins...SHOW MOM !!!!
LOL!!! Not quite yet! Maybe next year!! But I am really looking forward to it! Everyone wants me to put her in leadline this year, but we just dont have the money and I really want her to enjoy it!

Besides, I have 1 student showing this year and 1 looking for a new horse. I will have my hands full with that.


A horse of course!
:faint: I can still remember when you couldn't teach at HSS 'cause you were sooo preggie :lol: WOW how time flies.


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Well, I already told you how precious they both are. :) But I'll tell you again. hehe.

And I'm stealing that horse... I just adore him! :)


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So Cute !! She looks so happy !!

Kylie says you were her favorite HSS teacher !!!
Awww! Tell Kylie I appreciate that!!! I certainly enjoyed having her in my class! It was nice to see her advance and get more comfortable with her horse. I think about her often!!! Is she gonna get back into riding?