My MD 235 Driving Journal - Not PC


Resident PIA
I think I'll log the most notorious incidents of the day on MD RT 235


Southbound at Maple Ave: As I approached the light I noticed the big white (late model) SUV in the right most left turn lane make a U turn and enter Chipotle. Why this was so unusual was that the left turn arrow was red, it had been red for a short bit because I was slowing down and that SUV had been stopped. So, to the rather large woman of color, a shout out, you are a blooming idiot.

Northbound at Rt 4: If you are in the middle lane, within 50 feet or less of the traffic light, it's probably not a good idea to cut into the left lane and apply your brakes so as you don't slam into the back of the car in the left turn lane you are trying to get to, That little blue piece of #### might get rear ended by the vehicle you just cut off and stopped in front of.

Honorable mention to the retard who entered the exit lane at the bank. Your first clue wasn't the two big white arrows on the pavement, or the vehicles coming out of the drive thru?
But at least you stopped and glared at the nasty drivers who where heading towards you.