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DW is on a never ending search for the perfect pillow. We have gone through Bamboo, My Pillow, and 10 other "best pillows ever", I always dig my feather pillow out of the closet and sleep great. I can sleep with any pillow as long as my fan is on!


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Wow! All this pillow talk.

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Does anyone have one of these and likes it? I know several people who have a My Pillow and they are either unimpressed or outright hate them. Monello has one and it's lumpy and weird, and he doesn't wake up "refreshed" like Mike Lindel said he would.

So tell the truth: do you really like your My Pillow? And don't just say so because you're embarrassed at spending $50 on a pillow that isn't any better than the $20 ones at Target.
No, we returned ours. So did Foxhound's parents who like to buy things. :jet:


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I bought 2 My Pillows about a year ago in one of my drunken stoopers. Of course my wife and daughter tried to lock the liquor cabinet after this purchase, with no success I might add. I love the pillow and my daughter loves it as well. My wife wasn’t impressed...with the pillow, hence the reason my daughter got one. I previously had a feather pillow but it never stayed up.


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My mom likes hers, she bought me a 2 pack and I can't sand them.

I am very picky, Latex foam seems to be the only thing I can sleep on.


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I have 1 not the greatest but better than all the other ones I have tried, when the sleep number bed first came out I bought a pillow they had for a 150 dollar best pillow I ever had until 3 years later I started seeing small feathers all over the bed and then it went flat tried to find a sleep number store that had that pillow but they did not have them anymore


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Wow! I have a My Pillow and love it. I have always had to buy new pillows every 2-3 months, and I tried everything. The My Pillow is the only one that I have had for any length of time. I believe going on 2 years now.
Same here! Also love being able to wash and dry them. I like my pillows smelling fresh and clean.

Curious..did you order your pillow from My Pillow? Or buy the one on a shelf at Walmart?