My Wife Used Our Savings to Bail Her Family Out of a Pyramid Scheme


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Dear Prudence,
I work full time but took a second part-time job to save money so my wife and I can remodel our house. It’s small and cramped, and our three kids share a single room, so we really need more space. My wife runs a side business out of our home. My wife’s parents support her sister financially because she refuses to work, and they often pressure my wife for money. We’d previously agreed that my wife could give them as much of her own income as she likes, but that the rest of our income is for our own needs.

You can probably guess what happened next: My sister-in-law stole her parents’ credit card to buy into a pyramid scheme and bought thousands of dollars’ worth of useless junk. They asked my wife to bail them out because they didn’t want to press charges against her sister for identity theft, so she emptied out the account where we’d been saving money to remodel our house. That’s $30,000, gone. Her parents “promise” they’ll pay us back, but I know we’ll never see that money again. Furious doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. My wife says she’s sorry but that they’re her parents. I quit my second job and told my wife she would have to figure out how to pay for the remodel. I also said that if she gives her parents another penny, I would leave. She cries and tells me I’m being unfair. For almost two years I worked around the clock to save money for another room for our kids. I missed holidays and weekends. Housing prices are outrageous in our neighborhood. I can’t figure out how to move forward from here. I love my wife, but I don’t know if I can ever trust her again.


Ouch ...... Divorce Court or ?


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With his wife's background, why didn't they maintain separate bank accounts? You can put $ amount limits on withdrawals, requiring 2 people over a certain amount. Gotta feel for that guy.


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Gotta feel for that guy.
Yes and no. He had to have some inkling that something like this was a possibility. The writing was on the wall, and he should have taken steps to protect his finances.

The parents should have handled it if they didn't want to press charges against their own daughter, not get more family involved.


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Her ass would be served with divorce papers after finding a good lawyer.

Maybe he should start pressuring her for a threesome now, maybe a go with the sister.


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We all can. The question is, why didn't he?

I don't feel sorry for people who are victims of their own stupidity.
Probably because no one told him about the credit card debt until after their savings disappeared. Apparently every "ask" they had previously was well covered by her income which they had agreed she could share.


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I had a buddy that got into an argument with his wife about helping her family and he stated,"I didn't marry your family." That did not go over very well at all.


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Her ass would be served with divorce papers after finding a good lawyer.

Maybe he should start pressuring her for a threesome now, maybe a go with the sister.
Let me tell you about divorce and how much it can cost.
If one party wants to contest, it can cost plenty, they can drag it out and run up a legal bill like nothing else.
Save your money until you have enough for a trip to Nevada.
Then go there and file.