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Geez, they have to cry foul over everything - but since racism doesn't work here, they're claiming fellow Democrats - millions of them - are all sexist.

Just curious - how many people do any of you all KNOW like this - that everything and anything in their life is someone ELSE'S fault? Not theirs. You know, career, finances, relationships - a conversation with them is an unending litany of how much BETTER their life would be IF someone else hadn't messed things up - Mom, Dad, the ex, siblings, a mean boss, teachers - everyone ELSE.

That's what these guys are like. I think what surprised me about the Russian thing is, I was really sure they'd shift gears and claim someone ELSE was to blame - you know, North Koreans, Iranians - Canada.



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It's hard for me to believe that with all of the facts that we know on Hillary and her corrupt and criminal record that there are still those out there wandering around who still want her for President.