NASCAR for sale


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JMO but I have watched this decline happen and have a few theories. NASCAR and the France family saw a new dance partner in the yuppies in the late '90s and early 2000's. They flocked to races, watched on TV and discussed the weekends race at the water cooler on Monday. It fed the huge increases in merchandising, track expansions, and exposure. What NASCAR failed to realize is that group had a finite attention span and they are now pointing at squirrels. During this boon, NASCAR simultaneously ignored the base fans. They closed tracks that were dear to fans, raised ticket prices beyond what the blue collar family could afford, and threw their support behind a chosen few. The love affair the yuppies had with NASCAR was not unlike their love affair with Harley-Davidson. Remember when there was a waiting list for a Harley? Personally I don't believe NASCAR would be a good investment for anybody. I do not see a turnaround in the decline.


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My thoughts on the problem with NASCAR.

1. Season too long.
2. Too many boring 1.5 mile oval tracks.
3. "Standardization" has caused the sport to get too expensive for new teams to enter.
4. Innovation being driven by NASCAR corporate, not the teams and manufacturers.


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Thoughts...they tried to homogenize it, make it family friendly. I basically quit following it when they fined Jr for cussing on the scanner. It was a 'rough and tumble' sport that made it what it was, then they killed the golden goose.


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Winston cigarettes. And they can name the cup after the owners.
If you know this disregard, but during NASCAR's boom years in the 80's and 90's, RJ Reynolds was the sponsor, and one of their brands was Winston. That is the origin of Winston Cup. Not NASCAR, but Winston Cup.

Fast forward to the 2000's and cigarette advertising on TV is a :nono:. No advertising=not gonna happen.