Navy rescues girl from cruise ship......


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Navy whisks girl from cruise ship for surgery

"An ailing 14-year-old Illinois girl on a Pacific Ocean cruise took an unscheduled side trip Saturday — she was plucked by helicopter from the deck of her cruise ship and flown to the carrier Ronald Reagan for emergency appendix surgery.

The girl, who was vacationing with her family aboard Princess Cruise Lines’ 77,000-ton Dawn Princess, complained Friday of abdominal pain, the Navy said, as the ship sailed off the southern coast of Baja, Calif. Doctors realized they couldn’t treat her with the ship’s onboard medical facilities, so the Dawn Princess’ crew issued a distress call. The closest ship that could help was the Reagan, on a training mission some 550 miles away."

Navy whisks girl from cruise ship for surgery - Navy News, opinions, editorials, news from Iraq, photos, reports - Navy Times


That is soooo cool! Hope the cruise line offers her a free do-over.


In My Opinion
I would expect nothing less from the Navy.
Good job to all involved. and all that train to be ready for such things.


In My Opinion
And then we have the comments from the other forum.

lovely people they are. its why I quit posting there other than to fish for ignorance.

How does her family pay for this? Does the military accept insurance?
Socialized medicine is okay when it provides a good public relations story for the military.

Call it the Warfare State.
It's socialized transportation. I'm sure that the insurance company will get a bill for the services rendered if the family has insurance.