NBC reporters showed they know as much about saws as they do AR-15s.


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The NBC report said, "A photo exclusively obtained by NBC News shows the results of the test after military and Border Patrol personnel were instructed to attempt to destroy the barriers with common tools."

Common tools?

My readers take care of me and one of my favorites called NBC out.

He wrote, "Cleary these were cut with an acetylene torch (one tank of acetylene and one tank of oxygen each weighting about 70 plus pounds) something every illegal immigrant brings along as he comes to sneak into our country.

"How stupid of NBC. I guess a New Yorker would swallow this but a good ole boy from West Virginia does not. More Fake News Follies (that sounds like a good book title)."

NBC's myth of sawing through the wall

in defense of Common Sense, there are SMALLER Tanks ...
IMHO nobody is going to be humping the smaller tanks through the desert to cut through the fence ...
Even if someone did, this is not a quick task ... and better served with Explosives


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So where does one get a copy of this report that everyone seems to have read. I digest and regurgitate technical reports for money, would love to see this one.
Do we really know that? I mean DHS is the one who ordered the test with common tools and DHS is not talking about what actually proved to be successful in cutting through the fence. Would DHS allow the experts to cut through with tools that aren't common? How would that help their cause?

There was this which makes sense to me:


Ralph DeSio, a Customs and Border Protection spokesman, told KPBS at the time that the prototypes "were not and cannot be designed to be indestructible," but were made to “impede or deny efforts to scale, breach, or dig under such a barrier, giving agents time to respond."

DHS spokeswoman Katie Waldman told The Hill that the design of the wall currently under construction was “informed” by the prototypes, but “does not replicate those designs.”

“The professionals on the border know that a wall system is intended not only to prevent entry, it is intended to defer and to increase the amount of time and effort it takes for one to enter so that we can respond with limited border patrol agents,” Waldman said. “Even a wall that is being breached is a valuable tool in that it allows us to respond to the attempted illegal entry.”


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I've had one for 20 yrs ... and a mig, and 80 gal air compressor ...
I have one in the shop and one on the truck. If by "common tools", they meant some wetbacks in a car carrying an oxy-acetylene rig...sure, I can see that.

That's why all barriers have various types of human and remote sensing overwatch. Check out the one between North and South Korea...and how many (few) people have successfully manged to get through it.
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I have a small plumbers edition of an acetylene torch the bottles are pretty small,but I wouldn't want to carry it a thousand miles so I could cut through a border fence.
Given enough time any fence can be breached. A reciprocating saw would probably do it if you had enough blades, batteries and time.

The fence must be watched and guarded, that is only common sense.


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Check out the one between North and South Korea ... and how many (few) people have successfully manged to get through it.

I was there 87 - 88 ... the center line is wide open, but yeah towers along the way

there is a reason the NORKS dug tunnels ...


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I don't like the slat design. It still allows drugs, money, weapons and newborns with soft skulls to be pushed through.