ISO Information need 16 x 22 Plexiglas/acrylic non glare for picture frames


the poor dad
looking for reasonable source. Any help appreciated. Need 12 to 30 pieces depending on price.
Go to In the search box type in 152736. If that is what you are after I can get you a better price than what you see.


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My uncle Stanley used to get tons of plexiglass sheets for my grandma to use for signs with her "Cat Castles" business. She used markers to write words on them and hanged them from trees and stuff so people could read them and still see her "Cat Castles" on the other side. She has a huge stack of them in the garage but the words don't come off. I don't know what you need it for but if you need some with words or don't care if they say "Noah's Ark Castles Half Off" or "NO Thongs or String Bikinis" or "Pray to God You Don't Get Caught Stealing from Me" or "Real Cats Also for Sale--Buy 2, Get 2 Free" then you could probably just have them since her doctor told her that grinding concrete was what was making her cough blood.


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I hope you find your plexiglass. But, what is more important is how is Hattie, and her bff, Beanie? And, I miss your threads about what is happening in the solar system.