Need hardwood floor refinisher recommendations...


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I had severe water damage a year ago. Getting it all put back together and almost to the point where I can get the floors done.

Pre-finished maple solid hardwood, finish is popped in places, and some small gaps and minor cupping left over after the really bad stuff was cutout and replaced. Need to get it all sanded down and refinished. Approx 600 sq feet.

Open floor plan kitchen/livingroom with non-moveable island.

Need recommendations/estimates. House is in Lusby, Md



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It's been many years, but I used Clark's Flooring to install all the hardwood in my house. 301 863-2090. They did a really nice job.
I had Griffin do mine. Pleased with the work. They had to patch one spot where a wall was taken out, you'd never know it was there.