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you going to have any kind of yard sale or display of these any time soon? I take it by being in Lusby, you're in the Ranch Club. Would definitely be interested in taking a peak at the mower and some furniture....:buddies:
No yard sale - by appointment sales. I can provide photos on request.


Routinely Derailed
I have an apartment-sized over-and-under Kenmore washer/dryer unit. Like-new condition, works great. PM for details.


The weed whacker is a 2-year-old Husqvarna. Don't know the HP or size. The Leaf Blower is a 4-year-old Poulan Pro. I also have (in gas appliances) a Troy-Bilt power washer, a 20" (I think) Craftsman chain saw, and an elderly lawnmower.


Routinely Derailed
OKAY - Now an Open House/Yard Sale

Please re-check the ad in Classifieds, general merchandise. It now reads, "Open House/Yard Sale 7/4 - 7/11:" and includes the street address. Call before you come over to be sure I'm here (errands and such): 240-298-2845


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$2500 OBO (It was $4000 when new, solid oak, no particle board) - and yes, I'm VERY desperate and so VERY flexible. Come look it over and see what you think.
You know everybody wants to know.
Why you selling all your stuff?
Where you going?