Netflix isn't what you think


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I barely watch TV anymore.

Amazing how everything links, huh?

So are we just going to ignore the fact that this entire theory hinges on connecting Marc Randolph to the leftist content currently being created by Netflix when the guy was CEO of the company when they only mailed DVDs to people, and left the CEO position after 1 year. He completely left the company in 2002 which was 5 years before they began streaming online and 12 years (2014) before the first content Netflix ever developed came out, and the objectionable Netflix stuff didn't start coming out until years after that. A bit of a stretch.


Correct, Randolph stepped down as CEO in 1999—replaced by co-founder Reed Hastings—to turn to product development and departed the company all together in 2003.

Why? He didn't have the money to turn it into what he had hoped. He went on to continue in start ups. Looker Data Services, which was sold to Google for $2.6 billion was the latest.

The point of the thread was to show the connections in the family line and how they all ended up in positions influencing your mind - even Randolph's Looker Data Services does that.
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