New Biden Audio Tape Released In Ukraine


no more.
A new audio tape released this morning between then Vice President Joe Biden and the former President Poroshenko in Ukraine shows Biden talking down the competence of the incoming Trump administration and declaring he will ‘stay involved’ in what is going on in Ukraine after the inauguration.



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Why hasn't Barr indicted him ans Hillary and Comey and Strozk and the rest of the Deep State.
I blame it on a lack of balls.
The vid has been banned by The Tube. Didn’t get to see it, but really didn’t need to, to know what’s up. As far as Barr, his Left foot is still stuck in the swamp. All talk, no action. God bless the USA.


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It's hard to lose when you have the media and the social internet behind you.
Hillary managed it, and hopefully Biden will be successful at it also.
I sure have a lot of trouble seeing why the people who would continue to support and vote for Biden cannot see what is right in front of them.
How can you hate someone so badly that it blinds you to facts.


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Yea, old news. Why you think Barr hasn't had him indicted?

Worse than collusion - this is officially "in cahoots"!

LOL, you fools.
Weak. Really weak. If you are going to deploy the "arbitrary dismissal" ploy, you need a stronger game. The old "has not been indicted" cannard, used as a defensive dismissal is astonishingly intellectually lazy. But then....there you are.


no more.
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