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No mess, no stress cooking—more than 175 easy and tasty one-pot recipes

Between the prep time and inevitable cleanup, a home-cooked meal is often the last thing you want to whip up at the end of a long day. One Pot Supreme features dozens of simple dishes that can be made in just one cooking vessel. From sheet pans, baking dishes, and Dutch ovens to stockpots, saute pans, and skillets, this one pot cookbook gives you everything you need to make mealtime doable year-round.

Featuring recipes that are perfect for every season, this easy-to-use one pot cookbook has you covered all year long. Enjoy white chicken chili out of a slow cooker on a cold winter’s night or chow down on baby back ribs from an electric pressure cooker at a summer get-together. One pot cooking allows you to create fun and practical meals without a lot of fuss in the kitchen.

About Gwyn Novak

Gwyn is a professional chef and cooking instructor who owns and operates No Thyme to Cook, a cooking school on Solomons Island in southern Maryland, 90 minutes south of Washington, D.C. A graduate of Bucknell University and the Baltimore International Culinary College, Gwyn has been cooking and writing about food for more than 25 years. Throughout her career, she has been a personal chef and professional caterer, but her passion is teaching others how to prepare simple, delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients. She is the author of How to Cook for Beginners. One Pot Supreme: The Complete Cookbook for Skillets, Slow Cookers, Sheet Pans, and More! eBook: Novak, Gwyn: Kindle Store

I love to support local businesses, so here's your chance! Lots of good, simple recipes. I made the one pot whole chicken with potatoes, carrots, and brussels sprouts yesterday and it came out delectable! Plus clean-up was a breeze because you only dirty one pot. :yay:


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I like that, everything in one book.

Just tossed a slow cooker that boiled no matter temperature set on.

Going to give this one a try. Reviews were good. It has arrived and ready to start using.

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