new fish


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So I finally got my 150 gal salt water tank set up again. I had to buy new pumps and substrate, live sand and all that good stuff. I got the tank filled up, put all my chemicals and salt in it, checked it the next day and all the levels are perfect.

When it is time to buy some salt water fish, are there any recomendations as to where I could buy them in Southern Maryland. I know Petco and Pet smart, but I am looking for somewhere else other than them, I have heard the bad stories. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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You can try corner critters in leonardtown. Have bought several fresh and saltwater creatures from them with no problems. You might have to do a fresh water dip on them if they look like they might have parasites but we havent had to do so. We also have a bearded dragon that came from the same place.

You can also buy some online, we have bought a few fish offline and they arrive with no issues at all.

do a google search i found a few as far away as alexandria that had very nice selections.