New Ice Cream Licking Incident: Blue Bell Claims safety is highest priority; Is it?


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Another wack job strikes seeking public attention:

A man in southeast Texas insists that he’s innocent after circulating a now-viral video of himself removing a container of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream from a Walmart freezer, licking the frozen dessert, and placing it back on the shelf.

But, in a nutshell, he bought the ice cream after shutting off the camera and claims it was all a publicity seeking stunt. He provided police with a receipt for the product. However, people are up in arms and the DA has cracked the law books looking for some obscure law he can throw at him.

As irresponsible as it is for these dimwits to pull these kind of pranks, this is what really got me about the story. Blue Bell Ice Cream is the company affected and apparently they're the ones hit in the other pranks, at least some of them. Here's part of a statement they released to the press:

“The safety of our ice cream is our highest priority, and we work hard to maintain the highest level of confidence of our customers,” a spokesperson said. “We view the tampering of our products very seriously.”
My first thought was, Oh really? If that is true why don't you seal your product???? A simple plastic band around the lid, or a plastic or foil piece sealed across the top of the container under the lid that has to be broken to gain access to the product, or better yet, seal the entire container in shrink wrap plastic with the company logo printed on the plastic in a repeating pattern. I'm not some genius who just thought of this for the 1st time. Other companies like Breyers do it, so i'm pretty sure other people think it is just common sense. Oh yeah, and put warnings on the container telling people not to use if no seal is present if you use a method that doesn't leave indication of tampering.

This is 2019 after all and product tampering has been going on in a dangerous way since at least 1982 (37 YEARS AGO) when the Chicago Tylenol cyanide tampering was discovered.

After I thought about it, these pranksters may actually be doing the public a favor by showing the danger of unsealed products. How many other people have tampered with products and not videoed it and put it on social media? How many crazy or disgruntled employees, or maybe the damned cap just popped off during stocking and exposed the product to the environment.

If your product isn't safety sealed, you can't convince me that you're honestly concerned about safety.

The company pulled all containers of the same flavor off the shelves in that store. But, had they been sealed in the first place, they would not have had to do that and they would be confident that the product had not been tampered with.

Has anyone seen a single news story where they pointed out that the products being tampered with were or were not safety sealed? The only way you know is by watching the prankster's video and see them pull it off the shelf, pop the lid and lick away w/o encountering a single seal.
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Safety seal sounds like a quick way to solve a problem I know, but think of what it costs to add a machine that seals that product to the production line.
I am pretty sure cost is a factor.
Now of course with this out in the news they will be getting the equipment.
It's really a solution for a problem that shouldn't exist.


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It's really a solution for a problem that shouldn't exist.
People suck.

For every decent, respectful, hard-working, honest human being out there... There are two Sappys and three Trannys.
Simple solution. Do like drugstores and razor blades: lock the display case and request an employee to unlock it.

Yes, sarcasm, but I can see this actually happening.