New Mexican Restaurant


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Had lunch at the new Mexican Restaurant, Monterry, today at San Souci Plaza, and it is really good!  Lot's to choose from and very reasonably priced.

Give it a try  :yum:


We agree ... the new Mexican restaurant is just what we all need down here!  We had dinner there last night and everyone we were with had different dishes and they ALL were fabulous.  Can't complain about the price at all.  It will definitely be on our "favorites" list.


I have gone to the Mexican Restaurant twice already, both times for dinner.  I tried to get different things, and since the menu is huge, it is not that hard.  I have just recently become totally vegetarian, but since they have a vegetarian section on the menu, it put this place on may favorites list as well.  No more Ruby Tuesday's, at least not as much.  Hope you all have a great holiday.


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It was good.. Reminding me of my life in California.. Nothing but mexican food... When we went it was crowded.. If their business keeps booming - they will have to move to a bigger location.. The tamales were really good..

Kids are funny - at a mexican restaurant - what does my youngest order. Chicken fingers.. Don't know what that was about.. I just shook my head - and ordered them.


I too thought it was really, really, good...problem was, the menu is SO big, I had no idea what to get...Next time, I think I'll have to do that "make your own combo" thing...too many good choices!


Going with the combo is the easy way out, just make sure you order a Jumbo Texas Margaritta (if you can handle it) :)


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Hubby and I had dinner at Montereys last weekend , it was GREAT :yay: and we noticed they are expanding !! :biggrin: we have been to many mexican places over the years and its so nice to see a good one here in the area , we arrived late on a saturday night but service was still fast and friendly and the food was piping hot and fresh ! Best guacamole I've had in awhile too :yum: