New phishing scam targets troops’ fiancees


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"One of the latest phishing scams targets fiancées of service members in an attempt to lure them into “registering” in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service “system” to be entitled to receive benefits if their service member dies — for a $350 fee.

It’s not from DFAS. Rather, it’s a typical scam used by phishers when trying to extract personal information and, in this case, money, from any victim who takes the bait.

As DFAS officials note on their legitimate website: “We will not send you unsolicited email messages with attachments (especially as poorly written as this!) or letters asking you to send money to pay for some benefit that sounds too good to be true.” "


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Good find. Thanks. Passing it along to the young sailors and Marines at work.


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That sucks. Hope DFAS has been monitoring all these requests closely by notifying the Service member of such requests.