New Show on WB


yeah yeah
Did anyone watch the show "Everwood" the other night?

I really did like it. It is a cross between Providence and Doc. Dont know if Doc is the best one to describe it.

But I really did like it.

Well to make a story short-
Its about a neuro doctor, very good and very well known. His wife, kids and himself live in the city. He is the type that always ends up working late, and misses things with his kids school and such.

He was suppose to be at his sons school function and was runing late. The police show up at his office around 8 pm (he was suppose to be there at 7) and tell him that his wife had just passed away in a car accident (the rain was terrible)

He then decides to just up and leave with his kids and move to a town-population of 9,000 called Everwood. Cute little town. There is already a primary doctor in town, and that guy is cocky and feels threatened. (of course)

Well anyway, since his wife has died, (this is where providence comes into play) sometimes he will talk to her, and really think that he is talking to her. About problems with the town and their kids.


it is a really good show and I think that you should watch it and give it a chance. 8pm on the WB on monday nights. :cheers: