New style speed cameras


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Anybody see those new style speed camaras on 210 wonder why they still have the old ones next to them.


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in which 91 fatalities have occurred since 2007

this is from 2019 ... traffic is bound to be higher now

this will only worsen the rush hour speed up and slow down affect .......

by volume of traffic 210 is not that deadly 50,000 cars a day travel up and down 210

yes there have been some spectacular wrecks ... a couple of yrs back there were 3 fatal accidents with in a couple of months
2 head on collisions were because a driver was going the wrong way @ 3 am ... and nothing to do with rush hour commuters driving 65 - 70 mph

50 fatal crashes out of 130,500,000 cars traveled up and down 210 in 10 yrs
50k per day * 2610 work days so this does not account for weekends

My mistake its more like 80k at this point

Traffic on MD 210 is expected to increase from 82,700 vehicles per day to 126,350 by 2035.

like people complaining Big OIL makes so much money ...

the profit on a Gal of gas is about a nickle ... the volume of gasoline consumed every day when I checked a few yrs ago 435 million gallons PER DAY

looking ... current stats

9.11 million barrels of gasoline per day

382,620,000 gal of gas per day

1bbl = 42 gallons [ I thought a bbl was 55 Gal but EIA charts say 1 bbl = 42

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Caterpillar effect, 65 mpg until you get close to a camera, then people slam on the brakes and slow to 50 or less, then speed up again
To bad they dont know you can go by at 60 MPH for sure,but if could ask one of them they will prolly say how do I know how fast Iam going