Next on the Chopping Block: Dr. Seuss


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I hope you people on this forum realize that this white hate sht will not stop until we get a bellyful of it and make them stop it.
The white morons filled with white guilt and politicians using it for their own reasons are selling their own race down the tubes to cater to the blacks and progressive woke assed idiots.


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"Learning for Justice claims that anyone who defends Dr. Seuss’s problematic work is a racial “apologist” and is making excuses for why “bigotry doesn’t matter.”

I claim that anyone who believes this BS has sh!t for brains and ought to be euthanized. :sshrug:


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As I pointed out in another tread, in response to Vrai's post, I'm old enough to remember when Dr. Seuss wasn't racist:



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Hang Them!!! :tantrum BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!!!! :jameo: :tantrum