NJ shutters defiant restaurant


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The locals are conflicted due to the restaurant's supporting anti police movement. Many on social media are applauding the closure.


A Montclair restaurant owner accused of repeatedly defying state-issued coronavirus orders has been locked out of his business, reports say.
On Monday, police padlocked the doors of Cuban Pete's on Bloomfield Avenue. The restaurant's owner, Dominick Restaino, has been accused of not complying with Gov. Phil Murphy's executive orders regulating restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaino offered resistance to the governor's orders at first, telling a NorthJersey.com reporter that he was willing to "go to jail" over the matter. He said the restaurant can't make ends meet under the current orders because it needs to be fully staffed to be effective.

Cuban Pete's has consistently ranked among the most popular eateries in town, once making a list of the top 50 places to eat in Essex County.

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Maybe the owners thought if they supported BLM then NJ authorities would leave them be. That strategy didn’t seem to work.


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My spouse is from Montclair. I don't know this place, but the best utility pizza on the planet is at Villa Victoria in Montclair.


Yeah, whatever
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You can't say that without dropping names! C'mon man!

I know Nutley well - my old guitar player lives there - but not sure if I've ever had pizza there.

Aprops of nothing, Carm Soprano went to Montclair State.
Ralph's or Rocky's. There may be a few newer places. Star Tavern is popular and a short drive away. Rutt's Hutt is a well known hot dog joint just over the border in Clifton. That place's decor hasn't been updated in 60 years.