No comment yet from the St. Mary's County Emergency Management about a Tropical Storm Warning for our County.


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Normally by now there is sand in place at the Transfer Stations for those that need to use sand bags. Apparently the County is assuming the Storm will be nothing. However, the last I heard we are going to have about 4 inches, perhaps more. It is was slow the ground could take it. When it comes quickly it may cause flooding. I didn't hear any report of the Tropical Storm Warning on the radio as of Thursday night,


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Not seeing a lot of threat here. 15% chance of flash flooding. 20-30% chance of tropical storm wind levels. 2-4 inches of rain, so a potential for low lying flooding.

No worse than a severe rain event.


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With all the free sandbags handed out over the year, there must be a few in the garage.


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Sixteen will barely be a Tropical Storm when it makes landfall in the Carolinas and then start weakening before it makes it to SoMD area.


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Or some moron who drove through flood waters and got stuck
You need to pluralize moron. There will be at least four who drive around the barricades on Bay Ave. here in the Beach and likely six plus who go around them on Chesapeake.

Then there will probably be about seven or so who live on Atlantic and Annapolis Aves. who won't move their cars and they'll get flooded. If the water gets high enough (questionable at this point) some will start to float and bang into houses.

Then there will be the couple or three who will refuse an evacuation order (again, questionable at this point) and call 911 at 2AM to be extracted.