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Today's Calvert Recorder identified the man as John James March, 74 of Rockville. A family member went to the marina after no one had been able to get in touch with him and discovered his body. An autopsy will be performed though it does not appear foul play was involved.
Ya I spoke to some of the folks there. His house is up the road but he quite often stayed on his boat down here so as not to have to commute everyday.

Nice guy, The kinda person that if you saw him across the parking lot you would go over and start up a conversation with. Just a pleasure to speak to him.
Well, Just off the top of my head for things within an hour (the farthest i've been out on a cruise line guided tour):
Old St Mary's City
A guided tour of the Naval Air Museum
Dr Mudd House
The Sotterly Plantation
SCUBA diving
Ann Marie Gardens
Calvert Marine Museum
Boat tours of local waterways
Recreational boating activities (para-sailing, tubing, boat rentals)

A cruise ship here would bring in much needed money for upgrades for some of these, specifically, the Naval Air Museum.

And I would wager that this would be an embarkation point instead of just a port of call, so there isn't a need for tons of things since most people just try to get on or off the boat.

The one downside is the bridge. That would have to be upgraded real quick and in a hurry.
All of that is true, but there is no infrastructure to get them there. No car rentals, no cabs, no mass transit. Heck, the guy with the Segway rentals isn't there anymore either.

And wasn't the air museum going to close due to lack of funds?


I know it's 135' -140' tall from water to tallest point on the bottom of the structure. But DoWhat is talking width between the pilings. I tried to do a little half arsed search to try to figure that out but could not seem to find anything on it.

I know I have been under there in my boat. I don't see it being wide enough to handle anything substantial. Plus, they gotta make it under that bridge then be able to maneuver to a hard right to pull into that pier. I dunno. Doable maybe but not what I would think of as easy.
About ten or fifteen years ago the Liberty Ship John Brown docked at the pier during July 4th or Memorial Day. Here are the ship's dimensions:
"The typical Liberty ship was four hundred forty-one-and-a-half feet long and fifty-seven feet wide, with a draft (the depth of keel below waterline when a ship is loaded) of nearly twenty-eight feet."
Building Liberty Ships in Brunswick
Project Liberty Ship

They didn't seem to think it was much of a big deal. :coffee: