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The intellectual mind values an elegant theory over a messy reality. The result is tension between ivory tower thinkers and practical men working in the trenches of the economy. The practical men easily see the weaknesses in abstract theories, weaknesses that are invisible to the ivory tower thinkers. But the practical men are not equipped to assert or defend their reality in political, media, or academic circles. If they try, they are patronized and ignored. A seductive theory trumps pedestrian and annoying facts in the intellectual mind. For this reason, ridiculously impracticable renewable energy finds wide support in academic, environmental, and government circles – circles populated by thinkers accustomed to mobilizing the power of the state to promote impractical ideas with the taxpayers' money. For these thinkers, evidence that contradicts their beliefs must be bad evidence.
This quote sums up the entire Obama administration, if you don't agree with them it's because you're too stupid. It covers their social engineering policies, their global warming policies, their economic policies...