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HOLLYWOOD, California (Variety) -- HBO's "Sex and the City" will call it quits after the show's sixth season, with its final episode airing early next year.

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I personally love the show. :smile: ITs not all about sex. Sure miranda is and all..but not all of them are. They are actually very funny, and sometimes make you go "Thats exactly what I was thinking"

Kinda bummed that they will be stopping. But I am sure it does have alot to do with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrell. They dont get along what so ever. So anyway, I guess I will be mourning a loss of a good show.


Be about it
I've never once watched the show!!! When it became popular I was working so hard with school that I rarely got to watch television. And since I graduated, I've just never taken the time to watch!


Indy Bound
OMG NO!!!!!!

Thats my favorite show. I am so bummed now. I only pay for HBO just to watch that show. I guess now I have to find another one.

First Ally, now this. There isn't anything left for my tacky taste!!