Nolte: WaPo’s Woke Gestapo Successfully Push Rob Winnett Out of Editor Job


Beloved Misanthrope
…in just a few years, the Post has lost half its readers. In 2023 alone, the far-left propaganda outlet lost $77 million.

Above all, the Post has lost the thing it most cherished: its ability to shape and manipulate public opinion.

Those days are now over, and only serious reforms can reverse the slide. Winnett promised reforms, but now, less than three weeks after his hiring was announced, he’s out. This means the Woke Tail still wags the dog over at the Post. This means nothing will change, which is good news for anyone who cares about the truth.

The Post is doomed, to which all good people can only say … tee hee.

Those so-called “practices” were 20-years-old —20!— that no one cared about until Lewis and Winnett looked like they might take their jobs seriously with serious reforms and accountability in an imploding newsroom.

Well, good… Let the Washington Post implode further. I no more want to see the Washington Post reformed than I want Hamas or the Nazi Party reformed.

Talk about a Pyrrhic victory. Sure, the WaPo Woketards get to continue to lie and misinform and practice their hateful bigotry towards Normal People, decency, science, and facts, but… Only in their bankrupt little bubble, where no one else is listening.