MSP North East Barrack April 2019 DUI Arrest


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(NORTH EAST, MD) – The Maryland State Police is committed to reducing impaired driving and preventing alcohol/drug-related accidents. The North East Barrack’s aggressive stance resulted in over 838 traffic stops in April 2019, with 16 of those stops leading to arrests of impaired drivers. Some of the investigations relating to impaired driving remain open and may not be included, but here is a list of the North East Barrack’s DUI arrests for April:

(Elkton)John Jay Barber Jr28 YOAElktonMD
(Elkton)Karen Miller55 YOAElktonMD
(Elkton)Anthony Ryan Vega25 YOAClaytonDE
(Elkton)Robert E. Locke61 YOAWilmingtonDE
(North East)Shannon Marie Breen33 YOAEarlevilleMD
(North East)Herbert Charles Wesley49 YOAElktonMD
(North East)Jessica Nicole Handlin26 YOANew CastleDE
(North East)Robert Jermaine Miller37 YOAEdgewoodMD
(Elkton)David Josjua Greenleaf34 YOANorth EastMD
(North East)Sean N. Finney30 YOAWilmingtonDE
(North East)James Henry Chaplin38 YOAPort DepositMD
(Elkton)Jessica J. Gentry38 YOAElktonMD
(Chesapeake City)Gary Ellis Rhudy34 YOAElktonMD
(Elkton)Christopher Allen Lee38 YOANorth EastMD

Drunk/impaired driving can result in serious crashes, injuries or death. Anyone who observes what they believe to be a drunk or impaired driver should call 9-1-1.

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