Not sure why this is hard


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So what happened to him after they got him free?

He just walks away? 90 days in the slammer is what should happen, but he probably just walked away laughing.
I am with others who say one whack with a sledge would have cracked away the cement.
And if it didn't ---Keep whacking until it does. This stupid should be painful.


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If you watch that biache’s face — see the smirk? He/she/it is gloating, drinking in all the attention this dumb-a$& act is bringing to their otherwise miserable life. Typical lib.


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That looks like rock-tite and that stuff is harder than concrete and gets warm when it is drying
I was thinking the same, he should have a chemical burn on that hand. Not to mention it shouldn't grab all that well to blacktop unless he drilled some holes, did they actually try just yanking on his arm?


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Liquid nail his other hand to a bumper and test the sticking power of both
Jerry Seinfeld Reaction GIF