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If you have these at your grocery store (our current store is HEB - greetings from Beaumont, TX!) and wondered if they're any good, they are. I had the Thai Veggie variety for breakfast and it was delicious. Here's what's in it:

With fragrant hints of lemongrass and coconut, the New Spicy Thai Veggie Noodle Nourish Bowl™ is complete with nutrient-rich kohlrabi noodles, fresh kale and carrots, a spicy Thai sauce and toasted, sweetened coconut flakes for topping.

I didn't have to doctor it or add anything. Usually these pre-fab meals don't have enough sauce or they're bland. This bowl was pretty much perfect. :yay:

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Wow, that looks great. Looked them up and found that Weis and Giant carry them around here. Thanks!