NYC woman, 92, shoved to the ground, video shows; police hunt suspect


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New York City police are on the hunt Tuesday for a suspect seen on video shoving a 92-year-old woman in what appears to be a random attack.

Footage of the incident, which happened Friday afternoon in Manhattan, begins with the woman traveling in one direction on a sidewalk with the assistance of a pushcart, while the unidentified suspect heads her way.



WANTED for ASSAULT: Do you know him? On 6/12 at 3:23 PM, on 3rd Avenue between 15th Street & 16th Street in Manhattan, he pushed a 92-year-old female to the ground causing her to strike her head on a fire hydrant. Have info? Call/DM @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS.

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8:30 AM - Jun 16, 2020

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Why would I? This is a job for law enforcement, and they did their job; he was arrested.
It was his 101st arrest. Can somebody explain that to me, please? Thanks.

Yes, law enforcement did their job. You are right. The problem is what happens after arrest with the judicials not doing their job. Not to mention the political corruptness of it all. That is one tough lady. Not only was she attacked but hit her head on the fire hydrant. I wish her well in recovery. Wow.
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He WAS in custody. Is he still? Doesn't New York have a policy of turning criminals loose with no bail?

Police have brought in 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage as the suspected culprit behind the attack. Brimmage is a serial criminal who has had constant run-ins with law enforcement, but has remained out of jail because of New York City's lax criminal justice laws.

A really nice guy living in the city of his dreams. A city that lets him do pretty much anything he feels like doing. Here he shoves a 92 year old white woman onto the sidewalk, just for the fun of it. Now if he was white he would be called a white supremacist and charged with a federal hate crime, but fortunately for him he is a number 1 male.

31 years old with a criminal record of an alleged 103 crimes to his credit. What a guy.
Seeing this and watching the news with the every day occurences of shooting in Democrat cities, rioting and looting,listening to tax dodger and race baiting Al Sharpton,and listening to the members of the Congressional Black caucus, who think a flag was placed on Mars and that an island could tip over is it any wonder that some white people are just a tiny bit prejudiced?

Blacks who complain about white people and call them racist. Perhaps they should look at what is going on and see why white people move out when the neighborhood has become untenable for them. Perhaps they should look at other blacks who move from those neighborhoods for the same reasons.

Call me racist, I don't care, but I have nothing against blacks who live like decent human beings and want the same things for their kids that I want for mine, but i firmly dislike the criminal elements and people who march and riot because some criminal died at the hands of the police, and I also firmly dislike the white people who march and riot with them. People like ANTIFA. I might add that I firmly dislike the politicians who cannot wait to kiss the asses of the rioters and kneel with their Kinte cloth costumes in a flagrant display of submissive subservience.


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It means he's on his way to the next rewards point level.

At 100 arrests you get a toaster oven.

At 200, you get to join Barry and Michelle on vacation in the Caribbean.
I would rather go to Hawaii with them at Christmas. The Caribbean doesn't do much for me.