Obama: ‘Trumped Up Culture Wars’


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It’s All ‘Fake Outrage’

Notable reactions to Obama’s remarks included:

  • Ben Shapiro, podcast host: “Sorry, but McAuliffe saying that parents shouldn’t be in charge of their children’s education and the Loudoun County school board lying to parents about sexual assaults in bathrooms isn’t ‘trumped up cultural wars.'”
  • Joe Gabriel Simonson, reporter: “Netflix executive says stop paying attention to popular culture.”
  • Ian Miles Cheong, editor: “People losing their jobs and being called ‘terrorists’ for not wanting their kids abused or indoctrinated at schools is now ‘fake outrage’ in the ‘phony trumped-up culture wars.'”
  • Larry O’Connor, radio host: “Let’s be clear: THEY are waging the culture war. WE are fighting back. Covering up a sexual assault in school restrooms to push a transgender policy in gov’t schools is the definition of waging a culture war.”
  • Hugh Hewitt, radio host: “The ‘right-wing media’ tricked Terry McAuliffe into telling parents they should influence school boards. @GlennYoungkin is surging because he’s got answers for Virginia’s public education’s failures.”
  • Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO): “Barack Obama is telling parents they have fake outrage over school boards covering up sexual assaults and teaching critical race theory.”


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I think what McAuliffe was trying to say is, people whose opinions we hold in contempt shouldn't have any place in educating their kids.
They don't have any problem if they AGREE with parents.