Obama Tells Democrats Don't Move So Far Left ........


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I guess the inept pos has some regrets after all. He created Biden and the Ukraine. Once it ALL comes out who knows what might happen if we're lucky.


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Here is how it looks to me. Not that anyone cares.

Obama took on Joe Biden as his VP because Old Joe was an amiable guy, he wasn't too bright, and he would go along with anything Obama wanted him to do. Biden went to the funerals and enjoyed the perks, and did all of the useless things a VP has to do. Always smiling and adding nothing to Obama's agenda except his silence. Biden played stepanfetchit to Obama's Presidency.

Bidens son wasn't working out so well so Old Joe used his privileges to get him into the navy as an officer, even though he was too old. Well: The son blew that by using Cocaine, and he was out in the cold. So Joe knew about tons of money being sent to the Ukraine and used his position to get his son a preferential job there. at much more money than he was worth. The when the AG there started asking question he got the AG fired by holding out on a check for a Billion Dollars of my tax money. Now it wasn't bad enough that Joe did this he was so stupid he had to brag about doing it.

Obama wanted this Ambassador working for Trump so he had inside info on what was happening in the Ukraine so he had her prepped on what to say when the questions were asked about Biden's son. Trump finally caught on and fired her ass.