Ode to 2020!


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2020, your time is almost done, and I think that’s superb,

After Dec 31st… yeah that’s right, kicking your ass to the curb.

You’ve bought nothing but bad news and disease and fighting,

You’ve been as welcome as another meteor, hurling towards earth sighting.

Destruction, depression, followed you to every corner of our country

You are the figurative infected pimple on the ass, to put it bluntly.

You created tyrants and dictators out of our elected officials,

You eliminated our freedoms and rights, as if they were sacrificial.

Masks, sanitizers and social distancing became your hallmarks,

Fear mongering, panic and fright…you hit it out of the ballpark.

So, with great relief, no mask on my face and a drink in my un-sanitized hand,

I wish you a bad farewell and I’m so glad to see your ass get canned!!!!!