OK..lets try this again


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Missus and I like to trailer our scooters ( a rusty trailer of course...and rusty bikes) to a location where we've got a nice hotel and a lot of local attractions and rural riding. Back in 2019, we stayed in Charles Town WV and spent three days touring canal roads, Antietam battlefield, yadda yadda. In June of 2020 we were going to stay in Luray, VA and run Skyline, visit the caverns, etc etc. COVID destroyed those plans..

It's not funny how the bikes deteriorate when left to sit. But...they are both ready to go now!..and go we will. Both are finally all back in good service.

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Shew..no chit. I managed to salvage one of the Lithium ones...outside and far away from the shop as was recommended. But the AGM in the Dyna!..pffft..it laffed at us.

I finish up tomorrow putting new Michelin Commander 2's on the 80 FXS and the 2010 FXDC.
Thinking about taking a week at the end of the month and heading east for a week.
I went to a Harley swap meet last weekend in Gas City and dragged home a 79 FX, it needs a few winters of love.