Ok...suppose this is true...


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Just for academic purposes, let us assume that our inept, incompetent and wholly unfit President's recent assertion about Rex Tillerson is true:

Rex Tillerson, didn’t have the mental capacity needed. He was dumb as a rock and I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell.

Why was Tillerson hired in the first place? According to Trump, he only knew the best and the brightest and he would only bring in the best and brightest.

So why was Tillerson hired if he was dumb as a rock and lazy as hell?

Why would Exxon hire the man as its CEO?

Tillerson in the interview the other day offered no new facts on Trump. He said Trump was undisciplined...didn't like to read...didn't know what he was doing. Those are not stunning revelations. Hell, at this point they aren't even confirmations...Trump's failures on intellect, personality and leadership are put on display every day.

Oh...the answer to the question of why was Tillerson hired? No one will probably be able to answer that....like every other hire at the beginning, he wasn't properly vetted. Today's hires are different, since quality hires are no longer to be found...they just take whoever is willing to submit to the abuse and career stain that being associated with this administration entails.


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I believe it would help you to know…

… I spent a few hours yesterday watching a program on the science Channel titled "how the world ends" and of the various ways the earth may meet its demise, surprisingly, none of them were Donald Trump!

HTH. :jet: