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On View Arrests:

Assault- On May 4, 2022, Dep. C. Hill responded to the 45800 Krystal Lane in Lexington Park, to serve court ordered paperwork. While attempting to served the paperwork, Jakiya Larie Hebb, age 18 of Lexington Park, became combative and kicked a deputy in the groin and face, and also bit another deputy on scene. Hebb was arrested and charged with Assault 2nd Degree.

Jakiya Larie Hebb
Assault- On May 7, 2022, Dep. Wilson responded to the 31400 block of Pt. Lookout Road in Mechanicsville, for the reported assault. A witness advised they observed a man in a vehicle attempt to run over the victim. The witness also advised the individual threatened to kill the victim. A second witness advised the victim had to jump over a ditch and flee from the vehicle, and the individual driving the vehicle turned sharply and accelerated trying to strike the victim. Investigation determined Logan Garrett Blado, age 22 of Mechanicsville, was the operator of the vehicle. Blado was arrested and charged with Assault 1st and 2nd Degree.

Logan Garrett Blado​

Trespassing- On May 7, 2022, Dep. Morgan responded to the 22800 block of Three Notch Road in California, for the reported trespassing. Upon arrival contact was made with Charles William Clark, age 66 of no fixed address. Clark was told numerous times by staff and deputies to leave the property. Clark did not leave the property and was charged with Trespassing and Fail to Obey a Lawful Order.

Charles William Clark​

Assault- On May 8, 2022, Dep. Rycyzyn responded to the 45700 block of Elm Court in Lexington Park, for the reported assault. The victim advised Jeremy John Weller, age 41 of Lexington Park, punched the victim in the head when the victim arrived home. The victim had visible injury and Weller was arrested and charged with Assault 2nd Degree.

Jeremy John Weller​

Neglect of Minor- On May 9, 2022, Dep. Fleenor responded to the 28200 block of Mechanicsville Road in Mechanicsville, for the reported juvenile not breathing. The juvenile was transported to an area hospital for treatment after receiving NARCAN for a suspected unintentional overdose. The juvenile was in the care and custody of Samantha Marie Shadrick, age 39 of Mechanicsville. Located on scene was a garbage bag containing a straw with suspected heroin residue, along with two suspected CDS smoking devices containing residue, a baggie of suspected fentanyl, cocaine, and folded pieces of paper containing a power residue. Shadrick was arrested and charged with Neglect of Minor.

Samantha Marie Shadrick​

Warrants Served:

05/04/22- Trevon Marquise Butler, age 27 of Lexington Park- Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway Without a License by Dep. Edelen# 330.

Trevon Marquise Butler​

05/04/22- Calvin Ben Jones, age 70 of Leonardtown- Failure to Appear/Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway Without a License by DFC. T. Snyder# 342.

Calvin Ben Jones​

05/05/22- Antonio Jose Shaw, age 36 of Hollywood- Driving While Suspended by Dep. C. Hill# 381.

Antonio Jose Shaw​

05/05/22- Glenn Rodney Battle, age 36 of Mechanicsville- Violation of Probation/Driving Without a License by Dep. Budd# 325.

Glenn Rodney Battle​

05/05/22- Christopher Kalil Gant, age 23 of Brandywine- Driving on Suspended License by DFC. Fenwick# 338. (No Photograph Available)

05/06/22- Rodney Anthony Dickerson, age 53 of Mechanicsville- Assault 1st Degree by Dep. Cucinotta# 393.

Rodney Anthony Dickerson​

05/06/22- Keith Tyrone Stewart Jr., age 29 of Mechanicsville- Failure to Appear/Failure to Remain at Scene of Accident by DFC. Westphal# 337.

Keith Tyrone Stewart​

05/07/22- Dale Levan Waul, age 43 of Lexington Park- Failure to Pay/Contempt by Dep. Hudson# 390.

Dale Levan Waul​

05/09/22- Kristen Marie Hoover, age 26 of Lusby- Contempt of Court by Dep. Luffey# 352.

Kristen Marie Hoover​

05/09/22- Richard Howard Tucker, age 37 of Newburg- Failure to Register Offender/False Information by DFC. Hersch# 343.

Richard Howard Tucker​

05/10/22- Ronnie Lee Braitsch, age 32 of Baltimore- Burglary 1st and 3rd Degree, Property Destruction, and Theft by DFC. Beyer# 319.

Ronnie Lee Braitsch​

05/10/22- Evan Michael Clarke, age 21 of Leonardtown- Theft by Dep. Wynnyk# 351.

Evan Michael Clarke​

05/10/22- Christopher Allen Williams, age 32 of Mechanicsville- Violation of Probation/Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. Wynnyk# 351.

Christopher Allen Williams​

05/10/22- Anthony Delonte Young, age 29 of Great Mills- Driving Without a License by Dep. Bowling# 327.

Anthony Delonte Young​

Criminal Citations:

05/05/22- Shanita Ann Chase, age 35 of California- Theft by Cpl. Holdsworth# 305.

05/06/22- Holly Devin Vinson, age 33 of White Plains- Theft by Dep. Allebach# 392.

05/10/22- Joshua Antoine Miles, age 33 of Lexington Park- Trespass: Private Property by DFC. Beyer# 319.

Juvenile Referrals:

05/05/22- Male age 14 of Mechanicsville- Disruption of School Activities, Harassment, and Electronic Misuse by DFC. Alvey# 275.

05/05/22- Male age 13 of Lexington Park- Disruption of School Activities by DFC. Alvey# 275.

05/06/22- Female age 17 of Lexington Park- Assault 2nd Degree and Disruption of School Activities by Cpl. Muschette# 303.

05/07/22- Female age 16 of Lexington Park- Malicious Destruction of Property by Dep. Morgan# 384.

05/10/22- Male age 15 of California- Theft by Dep. Welch# 399.

05/10/22- Male age 7 of Leonardtown- Assault 2nd Degree and Disruption of School Activities by Dep. Tasciotti# 398.

05/11/22- Male age 17 of Great Mills- Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. Bowling# 327.

Disclaimer: In the U.S.A., all persons accused of a crime by the State are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. See: Additionally, all of the information provided above is solely from the perspective of the respective law enforcement agency and does not provide any direct input from the accused or persons otherwise mentioned. You can find additional information about the case by searching the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Database using the accused's name and date of birth. The database is online at . Persons named who have been found innocent or not guilty of all charges in the respective case, and/or have had the case ordered expunged by the court can have their name, age, and city redacted by following the process defined at