Ooh baby! Who looked at their IRA/401K performance for 2020?


the poor dad
I just checked mine and am quite pleased. Even with that massive dip in March, I gained enough to still be up a year's worth of living expenses.

I just finished running my numbers for 2020 - my portfolio up 20%+ for the year - about 2 years of living expenses.
Under Obama's 8 years - I averaged 10.9% annually. Under Trump's 4 years - I averaged 14.7% annually. I want 4 more years of Trump!


Just sneakin' around....
My IRA has gone up in value almost $200K in the past 3 months, and that's after losing $100K to the pandemic and recovering from that. Couldn't be more pleased. Thought about taking a bulk sum out for a project, but I'd have to pay too much tax on it.


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For my 401K and stocks, the 4th quarter gains were virtually equal to the 1st quarter losses, so all the gains for the year were due to the 2nd and 3rd quarters. My wife's 403B did better as 1st quarter loss was much less than any of the other three quarter's gains.


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Just checked mine - best year ever! Even after I cashed out a ton of money last spring, I still made more money this year than ever.