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I think, in general, streaming services have latched onto the notion that for any series, they need to pump out 10+ episodes, with the entire season telling one story. But like a lot of series - and movies - they have a two episode STORY with a 10 episode schedule.

So what happens is, you get either a really drawn out plot - or a lot of filler episodes which attempt to flesh out the stories by giving say, background on characters in the form of flashbacks.

I think what we're likely to see from now on, is shorter series.

My general feeling is that the FIRST episode's biggest plan ought to be to "hook" me as a viewer. If I'm generous and give it three and it still bores the hell out of me, I'm done. It's not as though there aren't seemingly infinite alternatives.


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TV shows used to ' solve ' the problem in a single episode ... but writers could do a better job with the long form story telling


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Elementary did this as well as Warehouse 13
Those were both good, though I somehow forgot about Elementary after several seasons (maybe they took an extended break) and of course W13 just ended abruptly.

I also really enjoyed Fringe, however I don't think they continued the solve 1 problem per episode format very long.