Pax Ale House revisited. Twice


Power with Control
So, last weekend, my wife and I and the three kids (Son from first marriage came to town) all went to the Ale House. With fingers crossed that they have done some work to kitchen timing and accuracy. Which either they did, or we got lucky. Appetizers were only about five minutes coming, food timing after that was spot on, food was good.

Today, wife and I went for lunch. Food was good, delivery tot table was optimal. Got scattered brained, and left my to-go container with half of my Shepard's Pie and amazingly, my phone.
So, using the power of the Google after I got back to my desk, I was able to verify the phones location, not close enough to not be freaked that maybe it fell out of my pocket and was getting ran over in the parking lot.....

But no, Richard to server had grabbed both and put them behind the bar for me. Good work.