Pedophile's wife endorses Biden


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I liked the article, but I could maybe give a rat's ass about Melinda Gates has to say.


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Goofy rich folks. Voting for Obama's 4th term. Neither Joebama nor Camel Toe Harris will lead this country if Joebama is elected.
The country will be led by Obama , George Soros, and the moneyed elite like Bill Gates.
That would be fine if you liked what they have already done.

2 wars
Inflation & Shrinkflation
High gas prices
More border crossings
More people arrested and jailed without trial.
Destruction of the Justice system
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Literally every claim you make against Biden is projection to cover up what Trump and his buddies have done

So are you going to spam every thread with that story? I want to watch Board Mommy bounce you like a basketball if you do.

You know those of us on the right - that is to say, those of us to the right of Marx, Engles, Mao, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Castro, et al, don't put up with that pedo stuff. That's a hallmark of those of you on the left, where you celebrate such behavior and lionize those kind of people.