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People have to give up their pets for all sorts of legitimate reasons. Let us not judge them if we don't even know what those reasons are.

Today a friend posted on his wall about someone he knew who was looking to rehome his dog, just a pic of the dog and basic post about looking for someone to take it. Good grief, you'd have thought the aliens had landed. Angry outraged randos just laying into this guy - "RAAAWWR! Pets are forever!!" "RAAAAWWR! He shouldn't be allowed to have a pet!" "RAAAAWWWR! Would you just give away your child???" On and was an amazing display of enraged ignorance.

Anyway, the reason the guy has to find a new home for his pooch is because his cancer is getting the better of him and he can't take care of it anymore.

People suck.


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I’m a firm believer they get high off the outrage.

It’s the drug of choice.


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There were times when I seriously considered re-homing my kids! 😂

Seriously though, kids are re-homed via foster care and adoptions all the time. We re-home our elderly and disabled all the time, and it's usually for good reason with good intentions. Why not pets?