Pence Tries to Distance Himself From Fauci — But Is It Too Late?


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Pence, though he has endeared himself to the Left through his decision to refuse Trump’s demands that he overturn the 2020 election during Congress’ counting of the electoral votes, has encountered pushback from the Right over his record on COVID as the leader of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. His critics argue that Pence ceded too much power to Dr. Anthony Fauci and other members of the task force, such as Deborah Birx, to call for business, school, and workplace closures that gravely damaged America.

This week, Pence took the first steps toward distancing himself from the vilified Fauci and defending his record on COVID in an interview on NBC News’ Meet the Press.

Pence drew a distinction between Fauci under the Trump administration and Fauci under the Biden administration. Under his leadership, Pence argued, Fauci was given a limited role, but, under Biden, Fauci was allowed to exercise total power on COVID-related matters. This argument, Pence likely hopes, will enable him to stand behind his record on COVID and explain the preeminent role he granted to Fauci while at the same time allowing himself to join the Right in denouncing Fauci’s yearslong campaign for maximum COVID lockdowns and precautions.

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Yes it's too late Mr. Pence - you should have had a backbone 33 months ago and again 2 years ago!