Pentagon Chief Can't Offer Hope In Budget Cuts


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Early Bird: Pentagon Chief Can't Offer Hope In Budget Cuts
The audience gasped in surprise and gave a few low whistles as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel delivered the news that furloughs, which have forced a 20 percent pay cut on most of the military's civilian workforce, probably will continue next year, and it might get worse.
Future layoffs also are possible for the department's civilian workforce of more than 800,000 employees, Hagel said, if Congress fails to stem the cuts in the next budget year, which starts Oct. 1.


Our Congress and President seem to care more about foreign nationals IN and OUTSIDE of our Country more than our own citizens. But yet, year after year, we continue to put the same people back in office. But, do we really? How do you know for sure? We are the only Country I am aware of that gives billions to foreigners with little to no attachments. It is no wonder that foreigners come to our Country illegally by the millions. Can you blame them? Free handouts for just about everything. Even the Boston Bomber received tens of thousands in free handouts from our government. You can make a case that we provided aid and comfort for terrorism. - Examine the facts. Our Country is unable to sustain this madness. It will get progressively worse. But, if you don't come to our Country illegally, have no fear, we will come to your Country with suitcases full of money. So long as you are not a U.S. citizen, you seem to be qualified as our government claims it is "in the best interest of our nation". Our great nation already had one depression. There is no reason why we cannot have another. I assure you, if we continue this madness, we certainly will.

The military already has quite a few of its warships docked. When our warships are docked, we reduce our readiness. You should expect furloughs to continue "until further notice". Remember, we haven't had a balanced budget for years. Therefore, the sequester will continue as part of the last budget as part of the "Continuing Resolution". They simply continue the Sequester. If you write Congress, they blame everyone but themselves. They are useless and non effective to the complaints from our citizens. They will always blame the other guy, or other lame excuses. If it is an election year, they might find some money. But, I expect it now to get worse until further notice. I expect a 10 to 15% cut in government employees, along with the furloughs. There may also be another BRAC. I am sorry to say, but it will get drastically worse for years to come. You have seen just the beginning!! The only way this will change is if Congress and the President can agree upon funding for the military at the level our military tells them they need. Until this happens, this madness will continue.


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I hope all these people who said a furlough would never happen, start to prepare themselves for this future.

Both government employees and contractors.

Contractors need to consider if their contracts have been modified for the current 32 hour work week, then their contract may not be modified again to return to full hours.