People in masks


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Hahaha, I said that to my husband yesterday, when we were in the grocery store. All these people wearing masks, its thief's paradise!!


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I wonder if I'll stand out if I wear my canister respirator that I use to lacquer wood in. Can't stand wearing that thing, but it's better than killing myself with lacquer in the lungs.


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We received reusable masks at my office today. Co-worker kept saying her head was too large and the mask wouldn't tie. Knowing that she is a certifiable idiot, I was afraid to look to see how she was putting it on. Might have had to jump over her desk and knock her out because she was probably trying to put it over her head or something.


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Was in 7D today...stopped in Murphy's for groceries and beer; nobody wearing masks but they got the acrylic screens up at the checkout counter. Stopped by Capt. Sams to reconnoiter and reduce their Corona screen. Stopped by True Value in L'town for a cable plug..6' separation at the checkout line and screens at the registers..but nobody in masks.

Driving down 5 and 249..see people in their cars wearing masks. :killingme