PHOTO RELEASE: Governor Hogan Joins Bipartisan COVID-19 Discussion with presumptive President-Elect Biden


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Emphasizes Urgency of COVID-19 Relief, Need For Continued Federal-State Collaboration

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today joined a video conference with President-elect Biden, Vice President-elect Harris, leaders of the president-elect’s COVID-19 advisory board, and fellow members of the National Governors Association’s Executive Committee to discuss the ongoing fight against COVID-19.


“I want to thank the president-elect and vice president-elect for taking the time to meet with governors on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19,” said Governor Hogan. “As I said on the day that the president-elect was declared the winner, his election has provided a mandate for cooperation. A strong collaboration between federal, state, and local partners will be essential in the months ahead, and we look forward to working closely with the Biden-Harris administration as we continue to face this unprecedented global pandemic.”


During the working call, Governor Hogan continued his push for leaders in Washington to deliver on a fourth stimulus bill, which has been stalled since April, as well as a bipartisan infrastructure package to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and ensure a sustainable recovery. As the immediate past chairman of the National Governors Association, the governor stressed the importance of these kinds of collaborative discussions between federal and state officials.